Terms of Service


When ordering a commission from me, you are automatically agreeing to follow my terms of service. Failure to comply with the terms of service will ensure that you are blacklisted from future commission slots, raffles, adoptables, events, and any future events held.

Please note that I will only start your commission once I have received payment in full.
Payments will be accepted via DeviantArt (commission widget ONLY) or via PayPal (invoice ONLY).

I accept both USD and DeviantART points ($1 = 100 points)  

Please note: Requiring significant or multiple modifications for a commission may attract additional costs.
I reserve the right to decline commissions for any reason.
I reserve the right to place my watermark on any artwork I produce.
Unless explicitly agreed upon and paid for I retain the legal copyrights to my original work. You may not reproduce or sell my artwork without prior permission.
I strive to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with their commission(s).
I offer private commissions* for those who do not wish for their commission to be uploaded publicly. 
I will always keep a post HERE which displays the current commission queue as well as completed commission credentials each year. 

Please note:  Each commission is completed by me alone. Due to high demand there are wait times. I offer high priority commissions** for customers who require their commission urgently. You may ask for updates for work in progress. Please be respectful.
I have a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment. People who cannot respect this may have their commissions sent 'As Is' without refund and further requests will be refused. Unless your project has not been started 28 days or more after payment was received, all commissions are non-refundable.

You may upload my artwork to approved social media sites if you have credited me properly and provide a link to one or both of the following:
You may not repost my artwork to any online gallery that does not immediately credit me as the original artist. (such as DeviantART, FurAffinity, etc.)
I do not, under any circumstances give anyone permission to trace, recolor, alter or make bases from my artwork. Do not claim my artwork as your own and try to make profit from it.

If you would like a print, mug, bag, etc of your completed commission please let me know and I will privately add it to my TeePublic/Redbubble store for you to purchase.

* If you are wanting your commission to be kept private (sent directly to you and not uploaded anywhere) I require an additional 50% of the total commission cost as a privacy fee.
** High priority commissions are considered most important and take superiority over all current commissions, to be dealt with expeditiously. High Priority commissions cost $30 USD per piece which will to be added to the total cost of the commission. High priority commissions have a turnaround time of 12-48 hours. Please note that on extremely rare occasions (days/nights when I am working or out of town) I may have to deny or ask for more time.

Please note that all commissions I produce are my Intellectual Property. I have the right to post your commission wherever I please, both on and outside of dA to promote myself/my art (excluding private commissions). I will always credit the commissioner for their character(s).Terms and conditions are subject to change. Commission prices can change at anytime without warning. Please note that if I have given you a quote for a commission that quote stands for 14 days before becoming void.